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💭 Dreaming of 20ms requests

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Software developer and manager-of-one working as an independant contractor. My specialty: scaling exponential growth startups on Google Cloud Platform.

This website acts as my personal sandbox. As a side-project for the past 2 years, I've been automating market making strategies on crypto exchanges.

About me

When I'm not coding, I'm probably playing volley ball 🏐, dancing salsa 🕺, but (who am I kidding) I'm probably coding. I love to travel, meet new people and experience extraordinary food. Latest travels: Denmark, the Canary Islands and London.

Why dataroc?

Dataroc is a portmanteau of data and part of my last name, Laroche.

What is that avatar/favicon?

The avatar is named SOLeNOID and is the result of the creative genius of @logicbeach.eth. It's the only NFT I possess, and proudly so! You can find the whole collection here. It's also the basis of this website's color palette.

For work inquiries or chit-chat, reach out on linked in

This website's source code is freely available and is based on Lee Robinson's template. My way of thanking him is by hosting the website on his platform!