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Streaming Pub/Sub JSON to Cloud SQL PostgreSQL on GCP

2023-12-28Project: WishRollPython

Inserting data via the PostgREST API using Python

2023-11-15Project: dataroc.caSQLPython

The most performant timestamp functions in Python: EXTENDED


Using PostgREST as a high-performance, SQL-defined API

2023-10-19Project: dataroc.caSQL

The most performant timestamp functions in Python


How crypto exchanges websocket endpoints perform during (mild) high activity periods

2023-08-28Project: Crypto bots

Towards the true, real-time price of crypto tokens

2023-08-07Project: Crypto bots

Introducing: crypto bots performance


28th of November 2021: The FXS burn

2023-04-17Project: Crypto bots