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Automated Crypto Trading Bots

Started experimenting with liquidity mining on Hummingbot Miner around October 2021. Iterations of custom bots built on top of the Pure Market Making strategy led to a steady 0.5% daily return. Until getting burned on a faithful day...

Since the summer of 2022, I've been running grid bots and other market making bots for a steady stream of profits. The bots have a lower crypto exposure (beta) than a pure holding strategy, while still profiting from market volatility. I've built an extensive ecosystem around hummingbot to visualize trading and profit from market conditions.

Some highlights:

  • A custom-built grid trading strategy that can run on any Hummingbot-supported connector
  • Streamlit dashboard to monitor profits, visualize trades and run backtests
  • Real-time indexing of the BSC chain using Ethereum ETL and TimescaleDB to compress and retain data.
    Did you know the BSC chain generates 12GB of data per day? 😱
  • A backtesting processor to test profitability of grid bots on Kraken and BSC

For work inquiries or chit-chat, reach out on linked in