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Client: WishRoll Inc.Dec 2023 to Mar 2024

Unravel was a mobile app designed as an extension to what Status AI offered. We built Unravel to allow anyone to write AI-assisted roleplay stories involving the user and multiple characters.

As I proved my worth to the team with the previous project, I took on the lead of the backend development.

  • Design and implementation of all API endpoints and all database models with a scale-first approach.
  • Fully-functionning and deployed backend for the app's V1 within 1 month of the initial idea.

Status AI

Client: WishRoll Inc.Oct 2023 to Jan 2024

Status AI was a mobile app allowing anyone to chat with any persona, similar to what offers.

Joined the team urgently as a consultant to fix scaling issues. The app was gaining thousands of users daily and the backend and database were not enjoying the ride, to say the least.

  • Within 3 days, I had identified and fixed the most pressing issues related to the PostgreSQL database. In turn, this reduced monthly expenses by $12k.
  • Within 3 weeks, I completely refactored the worker architecture to leverage Cloud Tasks instead of a custom implementation based on Redis. This also included a new worker service. This fixed a recurring issue where a peak of users would flood our Redis instance and essentially shut down our backend jobs queue.
  • Added error reporting and monitoring capabilities using Sentry, GCP Monitoring and custom dashboards on Retool.

As this project came to an end, I became the sole backend developer as the other two team members focused on frontend.

Automated Crypto Trading Bots

Personal projectOct 2021 to May 2024

Started experimenting with liquidity mining on Hummingbot Miner around October 2021. Iterations of custom bots built on top of the Pure Market Making strategy led to a steady 0.5% daily return. Until getting burned on a faithful day...

Since the summer of 2022, I've been running grid bots and other market making bots for a steady stream of profits. The bots have a lower crypto exposure (beta) than a pure holding strategy, while still profiting from market volatility. I've built an extensive ecosystem around hummingbot to visualize trading and profit from market conditions.

Some highlights:

  • A custom-built grid trading strategy that can run on any Hummingbot-supported connector
  • Streamlit dashboard to monitor profits, visualize trades and run backtests
  • Real-time indexing of the BSC chain using Ethereum ETL and TimescaleDB to compress and retain data.
    Did you know the BSC chain generates 12GB of data per day? 😱
  • A backtesting processor to test profitability of grid bots on Kraken and BSC

For work inquiries or chit-chat, reach out on linked in